Ruwido uses Aura for intuitive TV control

Remote control specialist Ruwido has launched a new device designed to make searching for TV content more intuitive. Aura uses “tactile feedback” to enable faster, more intuitive navigation by letting users physically push the control of the input device. The strength of pressure on the device determines the speed that users navigate through content catalogues […]

Ruwido launches companion device

Remote control specialist Ruwido has launched a ‘companion box’, a solution that connects smartphones to the TV to individualise content and personalise the viewing experience. The companion box consists of hardware and software solutions. The hardware component is able to send infrared commands and connect to the living room or set-top box WLAN. The software […]

Ruwido to highlight importance of user experience

At IBC, Ruwido will demonstrate how ease and enjoyment of interaction with the television can act as a key differentiator and a way of reducing churn for pay TV operators. According to the remote control specialists, in order to maximise revenues, operators must deliver a premium service not just through high quality content, but by […]