Ruwido uses Aura for intuitive TV control

Remote control specialist Ruwido has launched a new device designed to make searching for TV content more intuitive.

Aura uses “tactile feedback” to enable faster, more intuitive navigation by letting users physically push the control of the input device. The strength of pressure on the device determines the speed that users navigate through content catalogues within an EPG or on-demand library. Aura, which Ruwido launched at the IBC conference in Amsterdam yesterday, can be programmed to respond to various physical acts such as switching the TV off when placed on the living room table.

“So much of the industry focus is on next-generation services such as on-demand and 3D, yet the user experience should not be ignored. It is, after all, the gateway to enhanced revenues and increased loyalty towards an operator,” said Ferdinand Maier, CEO, Ruwido. “The way in which users interact with their TV service is vital in ensuring they maximise the value of the content available to them. By intuitively enabling users to scroll through available programs, the better visibility there will be for the full library. Precision is vital in this case – if users find it hard to locate exactly what they are searching for, they will get frustrated and give up. Aura measures the user’s intentions for how they want to interact and engage with the TV. It changes the way we select our favourite programmes and provides greater visibility to content than ever before.”

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