Peter MacAvock

DVB puts finishing touches to UHD-1 specification

The DVB steering board has approved final revisions and updates to the DVB UHD-1 specification. The standards body says the UHD-1 standard is now complete. The revisions and updates pertain to DVB-DASH, audiovisual coding and bitmapped subtitles. The DVB approved the revision of ETSI TS 103 285, the DVB MPEG-DASH Profile for Transport of DVB Services […]

New chairman for DVB

Peter MacAvock is to replace Phil Laven as chairman of the DVB. The DVB steering board chose MacAvock to take over the role from Laven, who has served as DVBM chariman since 2008. MacAvock served as DVB executive director for 14 years before taking his current position of head of delivery, platforms and services at […]