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Liberty Global’s Fries: telcos need to sell more and separate networks

Liberty Global – as part of the telecom industry more generally – needs to tap new revenue streams by providing more services to consumers, while looking to a split between infrastructure and services to release value, according to CEO Mike Fries. Speaking to CNBC at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Fries said that […]

Liberty Global falls short as price hike hits customer numbers

Liberty Global’s third-quarter earnings and revenue have fallen short of analysts’ expectations, with the cable giant posting a rebased sales drop of 4.3% to US$1.85 billion and a drop in earnings of 66.2% to US$822.7 million. Liberty Global’s adjusted EBITDA dropped 16.9% on a rebased basis to US$597.7 million. The drop in revenue came despite […]

Liberty Global’s Fries: fibre makes more sense than DOCSIS upgrades

Investing in fibre makes more sense across most of Europe than upgrading HFC networks to DOCSIS 4.0, according to Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries. Speaking at the end of the Goldman Sachs European Communacopia virtual conference, Fries said that costs of building fibre in the UK, for example, were comparable to upgrading legacy infrastructure. “Fibre […]

Liberty Global posts loss as subscriber dip and inflation hit, VMO2 sees strong Q1

Liberty Global’s earnings moved into negative territory in Q1, with a loss of US$713.5 million from continuing operations. Adjusted EBITDA was down by 6% to US$624.5 million. The company was hit by a combination of subscriber losses and rising energy and labour costs in the quarter. The company has meanwhile announced that it planned to […]

Liberty Global’s Fries: number of streamers likely to drop

US studio consolidation will likely wittle down the number of streamers within three years as services find it increasingly tough to survive, according to Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries. The exec, speaking to DTVE’s sister title TBI at SeriesFest in Denver, said the number of streamers would decline as smaller players found it hard to […]

Entertainment ‘increasingly critical’ for Liberty Global, says Fries

Entertainment is “increasingly a critical part of the bundle” of service for Liberty Global, according to the company’s CEO Mike Fries, despite the company’s emphasis on fixed-mobile convergence and broadband. Speaking to analysts after Liberty posted disappointing results at the end of last week, Fries said that an integrated entertainment offering, including the super-aggregation of […]

TV ‘hugely impactful’ on subscriber take-up, says Liberty Global’s Fries

TV remains a crucial part of the multi-play bundle and a profitable one for Liberty Global, according to CEO Mike Fries, while the falling cost of in-home equipment means that gross margins from the video business remain high. Speaking to analysts after the company posted its Q2 earnings, Fries said that “the vast majority of […]

Fries: Virgin Media-O2 merger is ‘huge opportunity’ to target wider market

Liberty Global’s agreement with Telefónica to combine Virgin Media and O2 in the UK presents a big chance to cross-sell products, including potentially targeting lower-end customers, according to Liberty CEO Mike Fries. Speaking at Bank of America Securities’ 2020 Telecom & Media Conference online, Fries said that some 80% of Virgin customers have some other […]

Liberty Global mulls UK fibre JV and wholesale options to ‘crystallise value’ of network

Liberty Global is looking to “continue crystallising value” in its core markets through fixed-mobile combinations and potential restructuring of its networks through the entry of new capital or a wholesale model, according to CEO Mike Fries. Speaking to analysts after the company posted its latest quarterly results, Fries said that “fixed-mobile combinations are materially accretive […]

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