Innovid launches new measurement solution for converged TV

Online adtech company Innovid has announced the launch of its measurement platform for converged TV. The platform, InnovidXP, is said to be “the first unified cross-platform solution directly integrated with ad serving data and creative personalisation.” InnovidXP is a cross-platform, tag-free measurement solution, powered by currency-grade impression data tied to an ad serving footprint representing […]

CTV overtakes mobile for global video impressions

CTV has overtaken mobile as the platform with the greatest share of global video impressions. According to a new study from ad platform Innovid, CTV accounted for 46% of all video impressions, up from 40% in 2020. Mobile meanwhile declined from 43% to 39%. The report notes that CTV grew at over two times the […]

Innovid announces US$160 million TVSquared acquisition

CTV ad delivery and measurement platform Innovid has announced the acquisition of TVSquared for US$160 million. TVSquared is a global measurement and attribution platform for converged TV, and Innovid said that the deal will establish “a new currency-grade standard for cross-platform measurement, powered by the scale and automation of an independent global ad server.” The […]

Innovid taps marketing veteran Kirschner to lead European charge

Independent TV advertising and analytics platform vendor Innovid has announced the appointment of Wolfgang Kirschner (pictured) to lead its European expansion efforts. Based out of Munich, Kirschner will specifically head up expansion across Germany, Austria and Switzerland and focus on building the company’s regional teams. Innovid claims to be the only independent advertising and analytics […]

Roku and Innovid expand analytics partnership

Roku has announced the expansion of its partnership with Innovid to produce a new analytics solution. The companies have been partnered for several years, with Innovid’s ad tech being a part of Roku’s ad framework since 2015. A statement from the company said that the new solution is designed to measure and understand daily demographic […]

Channel 4 launches ‘Dynamic TV’ ad targeting

UK broadcaster Channel 4 has launched Dynamic TV, a data-driven video-on-demand advertising initiative that enables different ads to be served to viewers. The ad system will use first-party data from Channel 4’s more than 18 million registered viewers, delivering bespoke ads based on location, weather, time of day, date and demographics. These ads can be […]