Hanno Narjus

Teleste sees four-step evolution to next-gen cable networks

Teleste envisages a four-step evolution to next-generation cable networks, based on 1.2GHz/200MHz upgrades from 2015, DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP upgrades from last year, distributed architecture and Remote PHY moves this year and finally, an evolution to the virtualised CCAP next year, according to Hanno Narjus (right), SVP of network products at the Finland-based technology company. […]

Teleste: No shortcuts to next-generation broadband upgrades

Upgrading cable networks to 1.2GHz is a huge project that requires detailed tailoring on a network-by-network basis, according to cable access technology specialist Teleste. “We now have the first experience of what it takes to build a real network,” said Hanno Narjus, SVP, video and broadband solutions, Teleste, speaking at a press conference organised by […]

Teleste addresses DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade challenges

Cable operators face a long and challenging road to upgrade their networks to deliver the full promise of DOCSIS 3.1, according to network infrastructure equipment supplier Teleste. Providing an update on network upgrades and migration to DOCSIS 3.1 at ANGA COM, Teleste’s SVP, video and broadband solutions, Hanno Narjus, said that DOCSIS 3.1, which is […]