ETSI launches AR group

Standards body ETSI has launched an new industry specification group to look into augmented reality. The new group, the Augmented Reality Framework (ISG ARF), will aim to synchronise efforts and identify use cases for developing an AR framework with relevant components and interfaces. It will provide technical requirements for AR specifications in order to ensure […]

ETSI brings UHD TV and HDR closer with publication of DVB spec

UHD TV services including HDR have moved a step closer to becoming a reality with the publication by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) of a new DVB-approved video and audio coding spec covering HDR. The move follows approval by the DVB Steering Board for TS 101 154 V2.3.1 – “Specification for the use of […]

ETSI publishes new HbbTV spec for UK and Italy transition

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published a new version of the HbbTV specification that will enable the UK and Italy to transition legacy TV services from the old MHEG and MHP standards respectively. TV and set-top manufacturers will upgrade equipment to provide full HbbTV support next year. Ahead of that, there will be […]

ETSI begins work on next-generation TV device standardisation

Technical specification group ETSI’s new Industry Specification Group on intelligent Compound Content Management (CCM) has met for a kick-off meeting at ETSI’s facility in Sophia Antipolis, France to begin work on the a standardised solution to define a “scalable and flexible” decoding system for consumer electronics devices from UltraHD televisions to smartphones.  This decoding specification […]