Dominique D’Hinnin

French content creators call for technology-neutral movie windows

Copyright societies representing French producers, directors, authors and content creators have called for a reduction in the theatrical release window for movies to three months and an alignment of linear and non-linear pay TV distribution on a technology-neutral basis. The groups, the ARP, SACD, SRF, SPI and UPC, have collectively called for identical windows for […]

Content creators slam France’s proposed SVOD window reform

The report on the reform of France’s movie distribution windowing system produced by Eutelsat chairman Dominique D’Hinnin for the government has stopped short of bringing the country’s pay TV and SVOD windows in line. The report, delivered on Friday, was immediately condemned by groups representing producers and authors . The recommended changes would see SVOD […]

France set to slash SVOD window lag for ‘virtuous’ players

Eutelsat chairman Dominique d’Hinnin is expected to present his report calling for reform of France’s strict content windowing rules to culture minister Françoise Nyssen tomorrow. D’Hinnin’s report, which was commissioned last year, is expected to call for ‘virtuous’ subscription video-on-demand services that make a financial contribution to French content contribution to be able to distribute […]