A1 Croatia

A1 Croatia taps Appear for OTT channel encoding and distribution workflow

A1 Croatia has tapped Appear to transform and optimise its live OTT channel encoding and distribution workflow to include fully on-premise transcoding. A1 Croatia has migrated its existing ABR transcoding and distribution platform to Appear’s NEO Series server-based transcoding platform, powering more than 300 high-capacity live channels to any device or platform across the region. […]

A1 Hrvatska launches Zappware-powered TV service

Telekom Austria-owned Croatian service provider A1 Hrvatska has launched the group’s Zappware-powered personalised TV service. The move follows the deployment of the Zappware-powered user experience with A1’s operations in Bulgaria, Austria and Slovenia. The revamped TV service is being deployed across Telekom Austria’s A1-branded service providers in central and eastern Europe, starting with its Bulgarian […]

Croatian consolidation takes shape as Tele2 completes sale to United Group

Nordic telco Tele2 has completed the sale of its Croatian subsidiary to Serbia-based Western Balkan service provider United Group. Completion of the deal follows approval of the sale by the Croatian Competition Agency, which told Tele2 that it was greenlighting the agreement at the end of January, following a Phase II investigation. Tele2 announced the sale […]

Telekom Austria extends rollout of A1 brand into Croatia

Telekom Austria Group’s (TAG) Croatian subsidiary Vipnet is now known as A1 Croatia. The move, which came into effect on October 1, is part of a rebranding exercise that it taking place across international TAG divisions. On September 20, TAG announced its intention “to gradually extend the A1 brand to its entire operating business when […]