DTVE Survey 2017

Digital TV Europe’s second annual survey reveals what top industry executives think about the most pressing issues facing the digital video distribution business.  

DTVE November Issue 2016

With pay TV subscriber growth levelling off in mature markets, or even going into decline, the Middle East and Africa are more than ever seen as key growth regions for subscription services. While the Middle East continues to be dominated by free TV, there has been significant movement on the subscription side, both in traditional […]

DTVE October Issue 2016

This issue of Digital TV Europe is devoted to the shortlisted entries for our Content Innovation Awards, which were held in Cannes ahead of last week’s MIPCOM programming market. Launched last year, the annual Content Innovation Awards recognise innovation from players in all parts of the content creation and delivery chain and are run in […]

DTVE September Issue 2016

Virtual reality and 360° video are all the rage at the moment, with mobile operators, games companies and – not to be forgotten – TV operators and companies vying to get a piece of the action. In this issue of Digital TV Europe we will look at what content providers and others are doing in […]

DTVE June/July issue 2016

This issue of Digital TV Europe takes a detailed look at the evolution of TV operators’ thoughts about the set-top box, including plans to invest in next-generation devices and to deliver services via a wider range of low-cost streaming boxes. This month we also look at the issue of service providers’ involvement in consumer premises […]

DTVE April/May issue 2016

The user experience is something that people professionally involved in the digital TV business have been hearing more and more about over the last couple of years. In this issue of Digital TV Europe we look at how the user experience is evolving and how content discovery is taking centre stage, with voice-based technologies in […]

DTVE Channels March 2016

In this special MIP TV issue of Digital TV Europe, we look at how content providers are rising to the challenge of changing consumption patterns. We look first at the ways in which pay TV channel providers are experimenting with their own direct-to-consumer OTT services to complement their traditional channel businesses, and the risks and […]

DTVE February issue 2016

Despite the challenges posed by millennials’ viewing habits, non-linear viewing and the multiscreen video consumption, satellite operators have continued to defy the odds and prosper. In this issue of Digital TV Europe, we focus on various ways that the satellite business is continuing to stay relevant. We assess the current state of UHD TV – […]

The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2016

In this, the most wide-ranging survey Digital TV Europe has ever carried out, we distil the experience and opinions of industry executives and experts across all the key topic areas currently being discussed at conferences and trade events. The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2016 is based on the responses of 375 industry figures from […]