DTVE August/September 2018

Big data is the thread that runs through this issue of Digital TV Europe. The control of data, its use to deliver new consumer experiences, and its role as fuel for the global ambitions of big tech organisations, are key to the future of the media business. In this issue of the magazine we look […]

Multiscreen & OTT 2018

Digital TV Europe brings you the annual online update on some of the current big issues in the business of Multiscreen & OTT. Part 1: The OTT hotlist A growing number of new and existing content players are now delivering services direct to consumers, providing everything from general entertainment ‘skinny bundles’ to on-demand offerings targeted […]

DTVE June/July 2018 issue

June is the month of ANGA COM and it is therefore only appropriate that our feature article this month should be on broadband cable technology. Cable operators are increasingly focusing on broadband as the key weapon in their multi-play arsenal as they compete to win and retain customers. Increasingly, it seems that speed rather than […]

DTVE May 2018 issue

The emergence of digital TV; the entry into the video distribution business of telecom operators; the rise of large flat-panel TVs and the accompanying rise of HD video. All of these shifts in the quality and sources of video we watch on our TV screens were enabled to a large extent by technological innovations, and […]

DTVE March/April 2018 issue

Even with the rise of OTT and IPTV, cable remains the main TV distribution platform in Europe. This month’s issue of Digital TV Europe features The Cable Top Ten, a look at the industry’s key priorities and challenges. We also highlight the latest developments in HDR and UHD TV, and look at what needs to […]

Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2018

Digital TV Europe’s third annual survey reveals what top industry executives think about the most pressing issues facing the digital video distribution business. This year, the central focus is on the impact of cloud technology and the challenges facing pay TV operators in the face of ongoing fragmentation of the business and the emergence of […]

DTVE Middle East & Africa 2107 issue

The Middle East and Africa are seen as emerging markets for pay TV. Video consumption across both regions remains largely dominated by free TV and there is plenty of room for growth. However, new OTT TV services are beginning to make an impact, and the way pay TV operators are marketing their services is changing […]

DTVE October 2017 Issue

October means it’s time for the Content Innovation Awards and the bulk of this issue of Digital TV Europe is devoted to this year’s shortlist. The Content Innovation Awards from Digital TV Europe, in partnership with our sister title TBI, is designed to recognise innovation from players in all parts of the content creation and […]

DTVE August/September 2017 issue

New content, new ways of finding it, new ways of making money from it, and new threats to it: this month’s issue of Digital TV Europe looks at four key aspects of the emerging content distribution universe. First, content is changing. TV operators and broadcasters are desperate to win over younger audiences and eSports is […]

Multiscreen & OTT 2017

Digital TV Europe brings you the annual online update on some of the current big issues in the business of Multiscreen & OTT. Part 1. New mobile content Business plans and prospects of mobile-centric emerging services targeted at millennials and Generation Z cohorts. These include formats such as short-form drama as well as lifestyle services, eSports and […]