MuxIP debuts EQUUS Television on Samsung TV+, LG Channels & Amazon FreeVee

EQUUS Ad-supported streaming technology specialist MuxIP has launched the new equestrian channel, EQUUS Television, across FAST platforms globally, including Samsung TV+, LG Channels and Amazon FreeVee.

MuxIP’s FASTHub for OTT platform will power the delivery of EQUUS Television’s content. The equestrian-themed channel houses more than 200 hours of programming comprising of news, interviews, and First Run TV series that features lifestyle, culture, news, celebrity guests, music, and health.

The FAST tech outfit is behind the launch of sports channels World Poker Tour, The Grappling Network, MTRSPT and most recently NitchTV. It leverages its patented system for rapid ad stitching and content delivery for its clients.

EQUUS’coverage spans Triple Crown Thoroughbred racing, World Championship Polo and Western Disciplines like Reining, Cutting & Team Penning. The new channel will also air continuous Show Horse coverage, including world qualifying Grand Prix, Show Jumping, Dressage, as well as driving and eventing. Along with, training and instruction, farriery, horse health and wellness, farms and breeding, mustang discovery, tours of Equestrian Destinations and documentary films.

“As global interest in equestrian pursuits expands massively from Top Tier High Goal Polo  Finals to the upcoming Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile, to next year’s Olympic Coverage in Paris – the FAST channel route seems to be a perfect synthesis of our overall content strategy,” said John Barlett, founder and CEO of EQUUS Television.

“The incredible, sustained passion for equestrian content has not been a secret; whether in the US, in Europe, where it is sometimes the #2 sport, or in the Middle East or Asia, and EQUUS Television encapsulates the ecosystem for everything equestrian in the highest quality,” added Jonathan French, senior vice president of sales & business development for MuxIP. “The live feeds and regularly refreshed library content will make this an ideal FAST channel.”

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