Agama Technologies partners with Broadpeak

Agama Technologies, quality assurance specialist  has teamed up with video streaming technology provider Broadpeak for the integration of the multicast ABR stream monitoring into Agama’s Analyzer probe offerings.

The solution has since been deployed by broadband company Delta.

Agama’s head-end and network observability solution empowers users with a comprehensive understanding of service performance in every stage of the process: encoding, packaging, and delivery. With the newly introduced support for multicast ABR in the Agama Analyzer, this software probe is capable of validating the encapsulated ABR segments and manifest contained in the multicast streams.

Multicast ABR represents a technology that facilitates ABR video delivery via multicast, removing any bandwidth limitation that large audience content usually triggers, in particular live sports events, while preserving perfect quality.

As a part of the complete head-end and network delivery observability offering from Agama, key insights in mABR stream health in the head-end and in network points will help service providers keep track of service performance and quickly act if any issues arise.

“As mABR represents about 90% of the overall traffic during big live events, it has become a key element of Delta’s delivery strategy,” said Bart Smeels, manager Platforms and Services at Delta Fiber. “Being able to monitor the delivery enables us to understand and improve the quality of service.”

“By monitoring the mABR streams, Agama and Broadpeak are bringing more scalability and operability to Delta, ensuring a compelling experience for their subscribers,” said Damien Sterkers, Video Solutions marketing director at Broadpeak. “Adding accurate observability to mABR streams for popular live content is going to further accelerate the deployment of the technology across the world.”

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