Czech Association of Commercial Television names Klára Brachtlová president

Klára Brachtlová

Klára Brachtlová

The Czech Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) has named Klára Brachtlová president of the media group, replacing TV Nova CEO Jan Vlček.

The former chief External Affairs who also joins the board of directors, started her role effectively on March 30. Brachtlová will continue to represent Czech commercial broadcaster Nova TV on the AKTV board.

AKTV represents important commercial broadcasters in the Czech Republic, with the aim to defend, support and promote their common interests. The media group actively participates in the preparation of national and European legislation related to commercial television broadcasting, personal data protection, journalistic work or commercial communications. It is a partner for public authorities, EU institutions and other stakeholders. One of ACPV’s main activities is to protect the copyright of its members and to fight against internet piracy.

“My mission in AKTV will be a smooth continuation of my colleague Jan Vlček, who was at the birth of the association and co-set its activities and direction. Over the course of its existence, the association has built a reputation as a professional partner on the side of both television advertisers and media agencies, as well as the state administration and other stakeholders with whom it is in daily contact,” said Brachtlová.

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