Norlys to take TV and broadband to Thy-Mors Energi

Danish utility company and broadband service provider Norlys has struck a deal with Thy-Mors Energi to bring additional TV and broadband services to over 44,000 Dutch homes in the Thy-Mors area of north-western Jutland.

The expansion of Norlys’ services to Thy-Mors subscribers is in line with Norlys’ aim to become a nationwide provder of TV and internet services.

The company has in recent months entered into simiar parternships with Energi Fyn and Fibia, with plans to sell services vi athe two compnanies’ fibre networks which cover around half a million homes, from later this year.

“We are very happy that we can now offer citizens in Thy and in Mors lightning-fast and stable internet and TV from Norlys. We have many years of experience in providing both internet and TV to Danes, and always focus on giving our customers the best customer experience. On TV, we are already represented in the area, but we look forward to welcoming even more customers from the Thy-Mors area on both our internet and TV,” saidLise Bering, director of Sales and products at Norlys Digital.

“Completely in line with the strategy of Thy-Mors Energi Fibernet A / S, we are expanding the range of service providers on the fibre network in Thy and in Mors, and we are extremely pleased to also be able to welcome Norlys on the fibre network. As a cooperative, we must create value with the fibre infrastructure for our members, and due to the ever-increasing supply of Internet and TV products, we hope that it will be attractive for even more of the members to get a fibre connection,” said Lars Thorup Nielsen, fibre manager at Thy-Mors Energi.

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