Two new channels for BuzzShow from ODMedia

Social Video platform BuzzShow Network has integrated two channels from ODMedia.

The BuzzShow platform will host ODMedia’s popular Expoza Travel channel, which showcases travel adventures from all over the world, and classic movies channel FlickVault.

Expoza Travel has over 235,000 subscribers on YouTube with more than 12.5 million hours viewed. FlickVault, also available on YouTube, has 270,000 subscribers with more than 15 million hours watched.

Offer Kohen, CEO of BuzzShow Network, said: “The integration of ODMedia channels is a big step for BuzzShow Network. We look forward to gracing the platform with more such valuable liaisons.”

Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia, said: “The onboarding of ODMedia’s original channels to BuzzShow Network offers great opportunities for our viewers. We are thrilled our followers will have the opportunity to watch our channels on this very innovative platform. We are highly optimistic about this collaboration.”


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