Insight TV launches on UPC Poland

Liberty Global-owned operator UPC Poland has followed up the recent launch of its ‘greenest-ever set top box’ by announcing a distribution deal with 4K UHD linear and digital channel provider Insight TV.

Insight TV is now available to UPC subscribers and is fully localised for the Polish market. It is available on the new 4K Mini TV Box, Liberty Global’s first all-IP device, with 1.5 million subscribers now able to watch Insight series such as Epic Exploring, Modern Day Gladiators, I Am Invincible and Car Crews with Supercar Blondie.

Adina Gorita, head of distribution at Insight TV, said: “As UPC customers receive their new UPC 4K TV BOX, they will be able to enjoy the full 4K experience by watching Insight TV.

“All of our shows are shot in native 4K UHD HDR. The incredible resolution and vibrancy of the images makes the viewing experience completely immersive, enhancing the story-driven, action-oriented nature of our programming. We’re very excited to be among the first 4K channels on UPC’s new 4K platform.”

UPC Poland also recently announced an extension of its reach via the open fibre initiative. By tapping into the country’s Digital Poland initiative (Operacyjnego Polska Cyfrowa), the operator will up its reach from 3.5 million homes by 1.7 million within four years.

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