PSG launches GCN auf Deutsch

GCNCycling-oriented Play Sports Group (PSG) has announced the launch of GCN auf Deutsch.

The channel, the 11th launched by PSG, is a dedicated German-language source for cycling content. This includes How-To videos, footage from the biggest races, access to riders and teams, tech insights, and a weekly magazine show.

The channel will be fronted by recently retired professional cyclists Björn Thurau and Mario Vogt, who boast a combined 21 years of pro cycling experience.

Thurau said: “Cycling is my life and joining at the start of GCN auf Deutsch is super exciting. I’ve been a fan and a viewer of GCN for a long time and the opportunity to join the team and create videos specifically for German-speaking cyclists and cycling fans is an amazing opportunity. This is a great time to join GCN and launch our new channel.”

Simon Wear, founder and CEO of PSG, said: “We’ve been planning a German-language GCN channel for a long time. It’s a hugely important market with great cyclists, cycling fans, some brilliant brands and events. The German-speaking audience is already highly engaged with GCN, so we’re very much looking forward to providing bespoke new and unique videos in the German language and welcoming new viewers to our channel.”

Richard Todd, Germany Business Director at PSG and GCN auf Deutsch, said: “I’m delighted to be joining the Play Sports Group and hugely excited to be heading up GCN auf Deutsch, putting together the team and working with the great people here. The opportunities for this channel dedicated to the German-speaking market are immense and I’m certain the content will be amazing.”

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