DNMG partners with Stingray for launch of three UHD channels

German DNMG has partnered with music, media and tech company Stingray to launch three native 4K channels to its network operators in the country. 

This will mean that the three channels, Stingray Festival 4K, Stingray Hits 4K and Stingray Ambiance 4K, will be available in Germany for the first time. 

Stingray Festival 4K is dedicated to concerts, theatre performances and DJ sets, along with ballet and opera. Stingray Hits 4K shows a range of music videos from mainstream and upcoming stars, while Stingray Ambiance 4K – as the title suggests – shows natural imagery accompanied by nature sounds. 

The channels will be available on the playout server in the EQUINIX FR5 data center in Frankfurt/Main and the operators only need to pick up the signal via their carrier VPN connection from Equinix via a CrossConnect.

Ingo P. Schuchert, managing director at DNMG, said: “There are currently more than ten million 4K televisions on the market, with seven million additional sets per year. The partnership includes both free TV and pay rights for all channels, giving network operators unprecedented flexibility to deliver the highest 4K quality to their customers. 

“In order to make this USP possible, DNMG is investing for the first time in its own systems and infrastructure, thus creating the basis for future 4K business models for our network operators.

Mathieu Peloquin, SVP of marketing and content at Stingray said: “We are thrilled to embark on this agreement with DNMG, especially as it marks the first entry of the Stingray 4K TV channels in the German-speaking market. The fast pace of technological innovation continues to provide new avenues for growth and partnerships, and Stingray is proud to be a front-runner in providing new entertainment opportunities for music-lovers worldwide.”

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