Netflix publishes annual best TV list featuring Panasonic, Samsung and Sony

In what has become something of an annual tradition, Netflix has published its recommended list of TVs that provide the best experience of the streamer.

For a set to receive the “Netflix Recommended TV” accreditation, the company says it must pass rigorous testing to “ensure great performance and easy access to Netflix and other services”.

The company sets out seven criteria that it defines a good set by, with at least five required to get the accreditation.

These criteria are: TV instant on; fast app launch; a dedicated Netflix button; easy Netflix icon access; background refreshing for the Netflix app; high-resolution Netflix interface; and, the latest version of Netflix.

With that in mind, the following sets passed at least five of the criteria, therefore being deemed worth of Netflix recommendation:

Panasonic VIERA:

GX920 | GXW945 | GX942E | GXW904 | GXT936 | GXF937 | GXN938 | GXX939 | GXR900 | GXT886 | GXF887 | GXN888 | GXX889 | GXW804 | GXM835 | GX800E | GX810E | GX820E | GX830E | GX800B | GX820B


QLED 8K / QLED 4K / Premium UHD / Lifestyle TVs

Q950R | Q90R | Q80R/Q85R | Q70R | Q60R | The Frame (2019) | The Serif (2019) | RU8000

Sony Bravia:

A9G/AG9 | X95G/XG95 | X85G/XG85

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