Harmonic and NCTC agree CableOS deal

Harmonic and the NCTC have struck a deal to make Harmonic’s CableOS virtualised cable access solution available to the more than 750 NCTC member cable operators throughout the US.

Under the agreement, National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) members will be be able to migrate their broadband services to DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit internet, with CableOS deployments already underway by companies like 1Tennessee, Hilliary Communications and TVS Cable.

Harmonic claims that the CableOS offering makes it easier for smaller operators to jump from older CMTS platforms to new cloud-native DOCSIS 3.1 networks, using the software-based flexibility of CableOS to compete in the Gigabit services market while lowering legacy-hardware costs.

“By allowing hundreds of small- and medium-sized cable operators the opportunity to connect with world-class technology companies, the NCTC enables its members to be stronger and more successful than they could be acting alone,” said Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager, cable access business, at Harmonic.

NCTC president and CEO, Rich Fickle, said: “Harmonic’s cost-effective approach to virtualising the cable access architecture will allow small- and mid-sized members to have a viable choice for increasing their broadband capacity and deploying a competitive, high-speed I-internet offering, while ensuring they provide reliable streaming video services.”

The NCTC is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the growth of its 750-plus member companies that own and operate cable systems throughout the US and its territories.

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