Netflix testing higher pricing in Italy again

Netflix is once again testing higher prices for its packages in the Italian market, according to a report by Italian website

According to the report, Netflix is testing two different price ranges with selected potential new subscribers to the service. The first comes with a basic subscription of €7.99, the price of the current basic offering, but with a standard subscription – offering HD and up to two devices – advertised at €12.99 as opposed to €10.99. A premium subscription is advertised at €17.99 as opposed to the actual price of €13.99.

A second option offers the basic subscription for €8.99, standard for €12.99 and premium for €16.99.

When new subscribers sign up for the service, the prices revert to the actual current price range.

Netflix has been widely expected to increase the prices of its service in the European market following its price hike in the US.  In January, the streaming outfit upped its US prices by between 13% and 18%, the biggest increase since the company launched its streaming service in 2007.

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