Netflix now available on LG U+ set-top boxes in South Korea

Netflix is set to launch on IPTV set-top boxes in South Korea for the first time after the SVOD giant stuck a deal with local telecoms operator LG U+.

The deal will give viewers access to Netflix on the U+tv set-top box from November 16, with LG U+ customers able to access the service through the U+tv home menu or via a Netflix button on their LG U+ remote.

Existing U+tv customers will have their set-top box automatically upgraded so they can use it to access Netflix. They will also have the option to pay for a Netflix subscription through their LG U+ bill.

“Netflix is guided by the singular focus to give consumers choice and control over the entertainment they love. In pursuing that goal, we’ve built a global service that helps our members discover stories they love and these stories come from everywhere in the world,” said Tony Zameczkowski, vice-president, business development, Netflix Asia.

“Through this partnership with LG U+, we are making it even easier for Korean consumers to access these great stories, delivered over LG U+’s IPTV screens in the highest quality, in the most engaging way.”

LG U+’s vice-president of home media, Song Gu-young, said: “Today’s announcement is a meaningful one as we expand the freedom of content choice for U+tv members amid the global trend of telcos introducing Netflix’s distinctive content to their consumers.”

To mark the IPTV Netflix service launch, LG U+ users who sign up for a VOD premium plan and U+ broadband (Giga Internet Safe or Giga Internet Slim Safe) by December 31 will be able access Netflix for three months as part of a promotional offer.

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