BBTV enlisted by PBS for YouTube content management

BroadbandTV (BBTV) has partnered with US public broadcaster PBS to manage fan-uploaded content on YouTube for shows like Nova, Frontline, and Nature, as well as PBS Kids series.

BBTV’s professional services team uses a proprietary service that detects, tracks and measures fan activity associated with premium content and puts the rights owners back in control of their intellectual property.

“We’re helping PBS control their premium IP across digital, opening up new opportunities, and further connecting them to their digital fans,” said Lewis Ball, vice-president of interactive, e-commerce and professional services at BroadbandTV.

Andrea Downing, co-president of PBS Distribution added: “The entertainment industry is facing a lot of challenges – not the least of which is protecting our IP. We need a suite of tools to be successful, and BroadbandTV will be a powerful ally in managing our content on YouTube.”

BBTV also provides content management services to companies the NBA, Viacom, Sony Pictures, Univision, Warner Bros., Turner and FremantleMedia.

Alongside this, the digital entertainment company claims to be the third largest video property in the world after Google and Facebook, generating more than 33.3 billion monthly impressions and 204 million hours viewed per month.

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