Cheddar joins YouTube TV line-up

Millennial-focused business news network, Cheddar, has joined YouTube TV’s channel line-up in the US.

Cheddar and sister channel Cheddar Big News – a live general news network – both premiered on YouTube’s over-the-top subscription TV service yesterday.

“I am ecstatic that YouTube TV has added Cheddar to its base bundle line-up, and YouTube TV is the first partner to launch Cheddar Big News,” said Jon Steinberg, founder and CEO of Cheddar.

YouTube TV director of product, Christian Oestlien, added: “Cheddar’s emphasis on tech and media news coverage make it a strong fit for the millennial tech-savvy audience that also loves YouTube TV.

“From closing bell reports live from the floor of the NYSE stock exchange on Cheddar to headline news on Cheddar Big News, Cheddar will bring new and insightful news content to YouTube TV.”

Last month Cheddar raised US$22 million in funding, with Liberty Global and Antenna Group both coming on board as new investors. The US-based ‘post-cable network’ said it would use the cash to strengthen its balance sheet and to move into “Europe and beyond”.

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