Parrot Analytics: Stranger Things and Black Mirror dominate in-demand originals in France

Stanger Things

Stanger Things

Netflix completely dominated Parrot Analytics ‘in-demand’ analysis of digital originals in France for the week of January 8-14, with Stranger Things and Black Mirror far and away the top titles.

Parrot Analytics analyses the demand for recent popular digital titles across international markets, based on the application of artificial intelligence to expressions of demand across social media, fan sites, peer-to-peer protocols and file-sharing platforms.

France-originals-Top10s-160118Stranger Things netted 10.65 million ‘in-demand expressions’ for the week in question, closely followed by Black Mirror, with 10.47 million in-demand expressions.

The two titles were by far the most in-demand originals for the week. Third-placed Narcos generated 4.1 million expressions, followed by Orange is the New Black, with 3.86 million.

In fifth place was CBS All Access’s Star Trek Discovery, which is distributed by Netflix outside the US, with 3.53 million in-demand expressions.

The other titles in the all-Netflix top 10 are Sense8, The Last Kingdom, The Crown, 13 Reasons Why and Daredevil.

Stranger Things had topped the chart in a number of markets in the last few months, including Italy, Spain, Denmark, the UAE, South Africa and Hungary.

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