Spanish households failing to use parental controls

Over half of Spanish households are aware of the availability of parental controls on their TV service, but only a small minority actually use them, according to research by regulator the CNMC.

Percentage of households activating parental controls in Q217

Percentage of households activating parental controls in Q217

According to the CNMC’s household panel, some 65% of households are aware of ways to filter what their kids see, but only 11% use this functionality.

Use of filters was lowest on TV. Some 20.8% used parental control filters to regulate what minors saw on computers, while 21.1% used such controls on tablets and 17.5% used them on mobile phones.

Despite the low use of controls, some 80-90% of panelists were concerned about kids’ exposure to unsuitable content. People with children under six years old were most concerned about violent content, while those with children aged 7-11 were concerned both about violence and exposure to representations of dangerous activities that their kids could imitate. Parents of 12-15 year-olds were also concerned about violent, intolerant and discriminatory language, while those of 16 and 17 year-olds were concerned about exposure to content representing abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

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