Stofa moves HQ to Aarhus

Ole Fruekilde

Ole Fruekilde

Danish cable operator Stofa is to move its HQ to Aarhus, Jutland’s principal city, where parent company SE is also based.

Stofa will from next spring move 400 positions to its new HQ in premises formerly occupied by fashion group Bestseller. The cable operator will close down a smaller facility it already operates in northern Aarhus.

The 7,500 square-metre HQ will house Stofa’s management, customers services, sales, marketing, product and business development and operations departments.

Stofa has offered to relocate its existing employees to Aarhus. The company was previously based in Horsens, about 50km to the south of Aarhus.

Stofa CEO Ole Fruekilde said the move would bring Stofa closer to a pool of digital talent in Jutland’s main city.

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