Telenet changes its mind on retail box support

Liberty Global-owned cable operator Telenet has rowed back on an unpopular move to discontinue support for standard-definition decoders by guaranteeing to deliver basic digital TV services to purchased set-top boxes and CI+ conditional access modules for at least five years. 

Telenet had earlier said it would discontinue support for SD decoders to from September 2 this year.

Telenet said that in the event of a technological innovation being introduced during this period that resulted in a certain category of Digiboxes or Digicorders no longer functioning, it will provide an alternative by making a corresponding decoder available to the customer for the remaining term.

The commitment is retroactive from April 2 and applies to customers who are using a Digicorder or Digibox that was purchased and activated from April 2 2009 onwards.

Telenet said its advice to customers remained to choose a rental option for decoders.

“When we announced the discontinuation of our SD decoders early in April, we received major feedback from our customers. Customers who had purchased a Digibox or Digicorder in recent years had the feeling they were being left out in the cold, and that Telenet did not understand their problem,” said Inge Smidts, senior vice-president, residential marketing.

“We listened to these customers. With our new service commitment, we aim to offer a structured solution and provide more transparency about the length of time over which a customer can enjoy the basic digital TV services. That’s the deal we are now making with our customers.”

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