Tony Jones, Principal Technologist, MediaKind

Tony Jones, Principal Technologist at MediaKind talks about the opportunities for optimising OTT delivery while reducing latency, the future of video standards and compression, and key developments in video mobility

Antonio Rodríguez, VP Business Development, Mirada

Antonio Rodríguez, VP Business Development at Mirada, talks about the growing importance of product evolution and flexibility within the pay TV market, along with the rise in popularity of Android TV amongst operators. Mirada will be showcasing their Iris custom launcher for Android TV at Nextv CEO Latin America in November.

Luke Boyle, Chief Commercial Officer, Magine Pro

Luke Boyle talks about the market opportunity for sports streaming, Magine’s offering and ability to serve second tier sports federations in particular through its technology, speed of service and direct to consumer background.

Elmar Grasser, CTO, Sunrise Communications AG

Sunrise Communications’ Elmar Grasser talks about the power of data, delivering 1Gbps to all customers in Switzerland, the benefits of 5G, fixed mobile convergence, and the opportunities and challenges of integrating Liberty Global’s assets into the company.

Gerhard Mack, CTO, Vodafone Deutschland

Vodafone’s Gerhard Mack talks investment priorities, technology choices, the opportunities presented by the acquisition of Liberty Global’s assets in Germany, getting up to Gigabit speeds and the 5G opportunity.

Hanno Narjus, SVP Network Products, Teleste

Teleste’s Hanno Narjus tells us where the industry stands with remote PHY interoperability, what Extended Spectrum DOCSIS means for the cable industry, and how to innovate in an environmentally friendly way.

Michel De Wachter, Co-CEO at Spott

Spott’s Michel de Wachter talks about interactivity becoming crucial to the evolution of TV, and the new revenue streams that will surpass classical advertising models.

Patrick Vos, CEO at Zappware

Zappware’s Patrick Vos talks about the reasons behind organising the company’s inaugural strategy summit, the importance of a good user experience for consumers, what makes a good UX and how operators can combat the cord cutting threat.