Voddler launches Dolby enabled-mobile VOD

Voddler has launched a movie streaming service with Dolby’s Digital Plus audio for certain smart phones. The Scandinavia-based video-on-demand operator said the service, which at launch is available on Nokia smart phones, is the first of its kind and delivers cinematic surround sound to the mobile devices.

Voddler enables users to download all movies

Movie streaming service Voddler’s ad-supported titles can now be downloaded and watched an unlimited number of times within a 30 day period. Voddler, which is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain, made its rental service available off-line in December. Free movies can now also be watched offline by premium Voddler Plus members. Users […]

Voddler names Cipio Partners as new partner

Scandinavian online movie service Voddler has received investment from Cipio Partners, an investment and advisory firm. Voddler said the private placement would help it to continue to expand its online platform that delivers movies to PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TV-screens. Voddler currently has over has over one million registered customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark […]

Voddler launches offline mode

Scandinavian OTT movie platform Voddler has launched an offline mode, enabling users to watch films without an internet connection. Customers can add titles to a playlist while they are online that can later be viewed offline. The service automatically downloads the movies to the computer and users can watch them up to two weeks later. […]

Voddler launches Meego app

Scandinavian online movie service Voddler has launched a movie app for Nokia’s Meego platform and the Nokia N9 phone. The app is free of charge and available via the Ovi Store. Voddler has recently released apps for Nokia Symbian, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Meego app will have about about 250 movies activated for […]

Voddler begins selling premium US series

Scandinavian online video service Voddler has begun selling premium US series for the first time. Voddler offers over 4,000 movies and TV episodes on computers and smartphones, most of which are ad-supported. Earlier this month it launched a premium subscription option that gives access to content without pre-roll ads or breaks. Voddler is now offering […]

Online movie service Voddler launches premium subscription

Scandinavian online movie service Voddler has launched a premium subscription option that gives access to content without pre-roll ads or breaks. Voddler Plus subscribers can also view premium titles at no extra cost, receive discounts on rentals and use mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Symbian devices. Voddler Plus membership costs €7.90 per month […]

Voddler expands movie app to Nokia

Voddler, the Scandinavian online movie service, has launched an app for Nokia phones.
 The free app works on Symbian smartphones that have upgraded to Symbian Anna, which comes with an improved user experience, including a new user interface, improved web browser and increased security. It is available in the Ovi Store and enables users to […]