TV viewing

TiVo: average viewer watches 4.4 hours of video per day

The average global viewer spends 4.4 hours each day watching video and an additional of 28 minutes searching for content to watch, according to new research by TiVo. The study said that the combined daily viewing and search time accounts for nearly five hours per day of video engagement, which amounts to some 20% of […]

Streaming could replace TV viewing among Millennials says report

TV viewing is in danger of being replaced by streaming services as the primary platform of long-form programming watching among Millennial audiences, according to new research. Preliminary results from NATPE Content First and the Consumer Electronics Association’s joint research study shows just 55% of Millennials aged between 13 and 34 consider TV as their primary […]

TV viewing up driven by mobile consumption

Digital technology is changing TV viewing habits, with UK residents now owning fewer TVs but watching more programmes across different devices, according to new research by the UK’s TV licensing body.  TV Licensing’s Telescope 2013 report found that the average household now has 1.83 TV sets, down from an average of 2.3 in 2003. However, […]