Telecom Daily

Russian pay TV uptake reaches 75%

The total number of pay TV subscribers in Russia at the end of June stood at 42.46 million as uptake reached around 75%, according to Telecom Daily. The Russian research outfit said that the number of pay TV subscribers in the country was up by roughly 190,000 people quarter-over-quarter, with average revenue per user (ARPU) […]

Russian OTT services see subscription revenue outpace advertising

Subscription and transactional income for Russia’s streaming services surpassed advertising revenues in the first half of this year, according to a report by Telecom Daily. According to the research outfit, cited by Vedomosti, total income from streaming services in the first half grew by 70% to reach RUB5.3 billion (€77 million), split 53:47 between subscription […]

Orion Express overtakes ER-Telecom as number four pay TV player

Satellite TV provider Orion Express has overtaken fixed-line player ER-Telecom as the number four supplier of pay TV services in Russia, according to local analyst group Telecom Daily. According to Telecom Daily, Orion Express drew past ER-Telecom’s 2.65 million pay TV subscribers in the first quarter. Tricolor TV remains the number one operator, with just […]

Russian pay TV growth tailing off

The number of Russians subscribing to pay TV increased by approximately half a million, taking the total to 35.5 million in the quarter to June, according to research by local group Telecom Daily. The growth was significantly down on the same period last year. According to Telecom Daily, pay TV subscribers grew at between 700,000 […]