Openwave Mobility

Mobile video ‘could account for 90% of 5G traffic’

Mobile video traffic has grown more than 50% year-on-year – a trajectory that could see it account up to 90% of 5G traffic. This was one of the predictions put forward at Openwave Mobility’s inaugural Mobile Video Industry Council meeting in London this month, which was attended by operators like Deutsche Telekom, EE, KPN, MTS, […]

Facebook ‘closing the gap’ on YouTube in mobile video

Facebook is “rapidly closing the gap” on YouTube in terms of mobile video traffic, according to a new report by Openwave Mobility. The Mobile Video Index study, which is based on data from more than 30 mobile operators, said that while YouTube remains the most popular service for mobile video, Facebook is making strides in […]

Study sees dramatic growth in HD mobile video

Almost 40% of mobile video traffic globally is now in HD quality, according to study by traffic management specialist Openwave Mobility. According to the study, HD has leapt from 5.7% of mobile video traffic four years ago to 38% today. Openwave Mobility expects HD to surpass the 50% threshold by the end of next year. […]