Natasha Tsukanova

Stockholders back CTC Media sale

CTC Media’s stockholders approved the sale of 75% of the company to Russia’s UTV Management at a special meeting held yesterday. The sale to UTV was approved by people who own 62.7% of CTC’s outstanding shares, while 54.4% approved a merger between CTC Media and a wholly-owned subsidiary called CTCM Merger Sub. The sale required […]

CTC Media names Tsukanova as new co-chairman

Following the withdrawal of Modern Times Group CEO Jørgen Madsen Lindemann and MTG’s CFO Mathias Hermansson from its board, Russian broadcaster CTC Media has named new MTG nominee Natasha Tsukanova as co-chairman. CTC Media’s shareholder agreement allows MTG to appoint three of CTC Media’s nine directors including one co-chairman. Tsukanova is the CEO of Xenon, […]