Pirates could face up to 10 years in prison under new UK rules

Individuals responsible for pirating TV shows could face up to 10 years in prison under tough new rules governing abuse of copyright in the UK. Among the provisions of the new UK Digital Economy Act is an extension of the maximum prison term for anyone for infringing copyright with a view to profit from it, […]

Illegal streaming boxes ‘threaten copyright progress’

Adapted set-top boxes that let users illegally stream premium content risk undermining recent progress in copyright infringement, according to a UK government report. The UK Intellectual Property Office-commissioned study said that streaming giants such as Netflix and Spotify are keeping infringement levels stable, and the number of consumers accessing exclusively free content is at an […]

Euro broadcasters welcome EU anti-piracy plan

The European Commission has launched an action plan to deal with infringement of intellectual property rights within the EU and a strategy for protecting IP outside of the region. The EU said that it will adopt a ‘follow the money’ approach, which involves attempting to prevent the commercial-scale IP infringement rather than penalising individuals. Europe’s […]