HomePlug Alliance passes milestone

Over 25 million HomePlug powerline products sold last year, according to figures released by the HomePlug Alliance. According to the group, over 60 products now utilise HomePlug’s latest-generation high-speed technology, HomePlug AV2, and the fastest growing segment of products are those that combine HomePlug with Wi-Fi technology. “Millions of consumers worldwide enjoy the robust dependability […]

HomePlug Alliance completes Netricity interop event

Powerline technology standards body the HomePlug Alliance has completed what it describes as the world’s first multi-vendor interoperability event for HomePlug Netricity technology. HomePlug’s Netricity programme promotes the adoption of products built on the low-frequency, narrow-band IEEE 1901.2 standard. According to the HomePlug Alliance, a number of member companies collaborated in the event. The programme […]

HomePlug Powerline Alliance launches new certification programme

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has launched a new certification and marketing programme. Netricity Powerline Communications (PLC), which will promote adoption and provide compliance and interoperability testing of products built on the IEEE 1901.2 low-frequency narrowband PLC standard. 
 Netricity PLC will operate in low frequency bands that make it suitable for grid-to-utility meter and other […]