Netflix beats HBO in Emmy nominations battle for first time

For the first time, Netflix has surpassed HBO in the number of Emmy nominations it received for 2018, ending HBO’s 17-year streak as leader. Netflix received 112 nominations to HBO’s 108. This time last year HBO had 110 nominations to Netflix’s 91. The Netflix titles nominated include Queer Eye (pictured), Black Mirror, The Crown, Stranger […]

Alcatel-Lucent wins tech Emmy for Cloud DVR

Alcatel-Lucent has received an Emmy award for technology and engineering for “pioneering work in implementation and deployment of Network DVR.” The Network DVR allows content to be stored in the cloud rather than on the hard drive of a traditional DVR or set-top box, allowing several shows to be recorded simultaneously and then accessed anytime, […]

Netflix receives Emmy nominations

Netflix has received a string of Emmy nominations led by House of Cards, marking the first time that online-only series has competed in a major category at the prestigious television awards. Netflix’s remake of the BBC political drama picked nine nominations, including one in the category of best drama – where it goes head to […]