CTV fraud scheme stealing US$8 million per day exposed

A new video streaming fraud scheme that attempts to steal over $8 million each month in ad spend has been exposed. The scheme, dubbed ‘ViperBot’, was discovered by software platform DoubleVerify. It works by stripping the code that verifies ad impressions and then concealing and redirecting this code through real devices to hide the fraudulent […]

CTV malware costing advertisers US$6 million per month identified

A prolific CTV advertising fraud scheme dubbed ‘SmokeScreen’ has been curbed by a New York software company. The SmokeScreen fraud allowed screensavers to hijack CTV devices to generate impressions, even when the screen is off.  The malware was delivered via a fraudulent screensaver application, and generated impressions using falsified data. The end-user would have no […]

Connected TV ads increasingly targeted by fraudsters

Advertising on connected TV is increasingly being targeted by fraudsters, according to a report commissioned by software provider DoubleVerify. The report found identified 1,300 fraudulent apps since March 2019, with 60% detected in 2020.. There was a 61% increase in fraudulent connected TV traffic rates in Q1 of 2020 compared with a year earlier, and 78% […]