Dubai Media Inc taps Eurovision for news facilities

The European Broadcasting Union’s Eurovision has struck a deal with Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) to provide worldwide news gathering broadcast facilities and a permanent connection to the Eurovision global fibre network. The deal means that DMI will be able to access the services that Eurovision provides to broadcasters to enhance news reporting as well as […]

BBC must overhaul project management after ‘complete failure’ of DMI

The BBC needs to overhaul its approach to future major projects in order to safeguard licence fee payers’ money, following the “complete failure” of its Digital Media Initiative (DMI), according to MP Margaret Hodge.  The Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts attacked the BBC yesterday for being “far too complacent” about the risks involved […]

BBC taken to task over Digital Media Initiative

The BBC was too optimistic about its ability to implement its ill-fated Digital Media Initiative (DMI), the failure of which led to a storm of public criticism of the corporation and the departure of chief technology officer John Linwood, according to a National Audit Office (NAO) report published by the BBC Trust yesterday.  The abandonment […]

BBC shuts down “wasteful” Digital Media Initiative

The BBC is to close its Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which was designed to bring production and archive operations to a fully integrated, digital way of working, after director-general Tony Hall said the initiative had been a waste of money. “The DMI project has wasted a huge amount of licence fee payers’ money and I […]