AsiaSat contracts new satellites

Satellite operator AsiaSat has signed contracts with Space Systems/Loral for the construction of its planned AsiaSat 6 and AsiaSat 8 satellites. AsiaSat 6 will carry a C-band payload and AsiaSat will have both Ku-band and Ka-band, delivering services to Asia, the Middle East and Australasia. The satellites are planned to be launched by early 2014.

AsiaSat 7 arrives in Baikonur

The Space Systems/Loral-built AsiaSat 7 satellite has arrived in Baikonur ahead of its planned launch onboard an ILS Proton Breeze M vehicle on Thursday. The satellite, which will replace the existing AsiaSat 3S, will deliver TV and communication services across the Asia-Pacific region from 105.5° East.

AsiaSat’s Chiu appointed president’s advisor

Satellite operator AsiaSat had appointed Ya-Hui Chiu as advisor to the president and CEO of AsiaSat following his retirement from the position of vice-president, technical operations on July 31. Chiu joined AsiaSat in 1989 and played a key role in technical matters involving the launch of AsiaSat 1, AsiaSat 2, AsiaSat 3S, AsiaSat 4 and […]