DTVE June/July issue 2016

pOFC-+-Rovi-Bellyband-DTVE-JunJul16This issue of Digital TV Europe takes a detailed look at the evolution of TV operators’ thoughts about the set-top box, including plans to invest in next-generation devices and to deliver services via a wider range of low-cost streaming boxes.

This month we also look at the issue of service providers’ involvement in consumer premises WiFi as a means of delivering content around the home. As demand grows, operators are expected to ensure that high-bandwidth services like 4K UHD video and virtual reality gaming can reach multiple devices wirelessly. We look at how they are tackling the need to deliver high-bandwidth in-home connectivity for multiple applications – including, but not limited to, video.

An alternative to investing in expensive new set-top boxes or gateways is to try to deliver as much as possible from the cloud. In this copy of DTVE we assess the growing importance of cloud technology in delivering mainstream TV services, focusing on three key applications: cloud-based DVR; targeted advertising; and the overall user experience.

Also in this issue we look at all the recent key industry and technology news and look ahead to Cable Congress in Warsaw at the end of June.

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