DTVE Channels March 2016

DTVE-Channels-MIPTV16-1In this special MIP TV issue of Digital TV Europe, we look at how content providers are rising to the challenge of changing consumption patterns. We look first at the ways in which pay TV channel providers are experimenting with their own direct-to-consumer OTT services to complement their traditional channel businesses, and the risks and opportunities associated with moves to bypass traditional distributors.

Much of the debate around direct-to-consumer moves has been framed by the impact of Netflix on the pay TV business. In this issue we also look at now alternative movie content players are attempting to carve out a niche to offer OTT services that complement Netflix or Amazon’s broader offerings.

Finally in this special issue of Digital TV Europe, we look at the evolution of the multichannel network and growth of digital brands – assessing moves by MCNs to develop their own distinct content propositions, carving out a more substantial place for themselves as channels for the digital age.

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