DTVE August/September issue 2015

imageDigital TV Europe this month looks at four key topics that were top of visitors’ minds at this year’s IBC. First, we look at Ultra High-Definition TV, in particular at developments beyond 4K and the prospects of the industry agreeing a set of standards that will define the overall UHD experience for viewers. Is 4K on its own something that will engage viewers or must higher resolution be accompanied by the inclusion of HDR and wider colour gamut if UHD is to capture the public’s imagination?

Next up in this issue of DTVE we look at the emergence of hybrid delivery strategies to provide IP-based OTT content alongside pay TV services. Should operators invest in high-end hybrid CPE devices and what do they need to consider in order to ensure a return on investment?

Mobile broadcasting is back on the agenda, with multiple trials of LTE Broadcast technology over the past year. The technology has been talked about as a way of delivering services around live events or even as a replacement for DVB-T. But is this a technology in search of a market? We consider the views of key players.

Finally, we look at the current requirements being placed on broadcasters’ workflows as they adapt to the changing nature of content distribution. The growing interest in creating new channels quickly, including ‘pop-up’ event-based channels, will also be assessed. To what extent can channel creation, branding and playout now be managed more efficiently and cost-effectively than was previously the case?

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