DTVE August/September 2017 issue

New content, new ways of finding it, new ways of making money from it, and new threats to it: this month’s issue of Digital TV Europe looks at four key aspects of the emerging content distribution universe.

First, content is changing. TV operators and broadcasters are desperate to win over younger audiences and eSports is seen as a key emerging entertainment genre. In this issue, we speak to the key players and assess their future prospects and likely evolution.

Second, sources of available content are proliferating, but viewers still can’t find content that they want to watch. To help cut through the complexity, voice control has now arrived. Also in this issue, we look at how effective voice will be as a discovery tool and as a way for platforms to differentiate their offerings.

Third, the proliferation of content sources raises the challenge of how to make a business case. We look at the promise of big data and the ways in which it could be used to improve marketing, reduce churn and build a sustainable model.

Fourth, the industry’s move to IP and OTT platforms means that new security threats are emerging. In this issue we look at the nature of emerging threats not only to the intellectual property rights but to subscribers’ personal data.