DTVE April/May issue 2015

DTVE-AprMay15-1The Internet of Things is a key industry topic right now, but are consumer electronics giants or TV operators best placed to capitalise on the IoT opportunity? In this issue of Digital TV Europe we look at the role pay TV operators and media companies could play as the connected world takes shape.

While they have an eye on the long-term prospects of universal connectivity, the threats and opportunities posed by OTT are perhaps of more immediate concern to pay TV operators. How far down the OTT route do operators feel they can go in delivering TV as part of a wider offering? In this issue, we look at some of the considerations pay TV players face in addressing the OTT opportunity.

Quality assurance has, until relatively recently, been a second-ranked priority for many service providers, who have relied on customer complaints to deal with problems as they occur. But the use of IP means they have the opportunity to delve in depth into patterns of user behaviour. Also in this issue of Digital TV Europe we look at the challenges and opportunities presented by the wealth of data that is potentially available.

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