Video over 60% of internet traffic; Netflix alone is 12%

Netflix original GLOW

Video makes up over 60% of the total downstream volume of traffic on the internet, a new report claims.

According to the 2019 Global Internet Phenomena Report from network intelligence firm Sandvine, video is dominant on the internet. Netflix alone accounts for 12.60% of the total downstream volume of traffic across the entire internet and 11.44% of all internet traffic. This is just shy of Google, which makes up 12% of overall internet traffic, driven by YouTube, search, and the Android ecosystem.

However, demonstrating that piracy is not slowing down, torrent application BitTorrent is over 27% of total upstream volume of traffic, and over 44% in EMEA alone.

The report also found that gaming and gaming-related bandwith consumption is rapidly increasing. 

Lyn Cantor, president and CEO at Sandvine, said: “The foundation of Sandvine’s business model is being the best network intelligence company with use cases that help our customers understand, automate, optimise, and manage subscriber quality of experience.

“The Global Internet Phenomena Report is our commitment to delivering the pre-eminent view of global trends and distilled insights into what our network operator ecosystem sees and manages in terms of services delivered to subscribers.”

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