Netflix’s Stranger Things 3 breaks records

The critically acclaimed third season of Stranger Things has broken Netflix’s viewing records. 

The flagship show was watched by 40.7 million households worldwide in its first four days following its launch on July 4. 

Netflix on Twitter confirmed that this was “more than any other film or series” in the first four days of streaming. 

The streamer also said that 18.2 million, just under half the total viewership, have already finished the entire season – suggesting that binge culture is alive and well. 

Netflix has only this year started reporting viewing figures, though only reports household views rather than user views. One view is counted when someone has seen at least 70% of a film or episode. 

Umbrella Academy was the record holder for Q1, achieving 45 million household views in its first month. With Stranger Things almost eclipsing that figure, it is likely that it will be the new record holder before long. 

Bird Box was the most watched film with 80 million streams in its first month.

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