Triax introduces new products

Triax has used this year’s ANGA COM to launch a range of eight new optical receivers and fibre nodes for the last mile of cable TV networks. 

Triax’s ORH 100 receiver can be installed in end users’ apartments and can be used to converg optical TV and radion signals to electric signals for distribution via coax.

The ORB series includes three optical recievers and a fibre nod with optional return channel module, designed for FTTB solutions. The ORC 1629 modular fibre node is aimed at interactive FTTB and RFoG networks, while the ORC 2729 and ORC 2731 can be used in street distribution boxes and can function as fully segmentable distribution points in HFC networks, according to Triax.

Triax has also expanded its portfolio for optical distribution of satellite signals with four new receiving systems.

According to Triax, frequency stacking and wave length multiplexing mean that up to eight satellite polarities as well as terrestrial progrmmes can be transmitted via one optical fibre.

A maximum of 256 end users can be supplied vai a one satellite poiisitoin opticlal Ku-band LNB, the TOL64, which allows the distribution of four satellite polarities to up to 64 optical convergers. If additional transmission of UKW, DVB-T,DAB or further satellite polarities is needed, installer can choose between integrated recieving systems Opto-IES1 with one satellite position with four polariteis and Opto-IES2 with two satellite positions with four polarites each.

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