CES: the top trends and streaming

Richard Halton, CEO of Connected TV platform YouView, offers his verdict on what tech trends unveiled at CES mean for digital streaming in 2018. The year’s biggest electronics show saw both the expected and the unpredictable, including a giant blackout. Technology is maturing and it seems harder than ever for big brands to ‘wow’ with their […]

Convergence tales: Com Hem, Liberty Global, Altice

As Tele2 combines with Com Hem and T-Mobile takes over UPC Austria, Stuart Thomson looks at the relative merits of different interpretations of convergence.  The importance of convergence in European service providers’ strategies and as a rationale for M&A appears to be gathering steam. This week saw Swedish mobile player Tele2 and Com Hem agree […]

Liberty Global: a sale in Austria, the Lat Am split off, and the Vodafone question

Stuart Thomson looks at the options facing Liberty Global and Vodafone in an evolving European communications market. Liberty Global has been in the news over the holiday period thanks to two big events – the split-off that created Liberty Latin America as a separate company, and the agreement to sell Liberty Global’s Austrian unit to […]

ConsumerLab 2017: Making the Social VR Experience a Reality

Olie Baumann, senior technical specialist, video processing, Ericsson Media Solutions, looks at the importance of social media to VR.  The consumption of media has always been a sociable experience. From live global events such as the first man on the moon or the fall of the Berlin Wall to sports events like the Olympics or local football matches, we often […]

Soccer’s biggest battle

Mike Darcey assesses how vulnerable Sky is to a bid for Premier League rights from one of the tech giants The triennial Premier League bidding season approaches. Since around 2006, it has been traditional at this time for stories to emerge that a scary, cash-rich bidder might swoop and take the rights from Sky. Sometimes, […]

Cyber-security: it’s all about the people

Steve Sharman, director, Hackthorn Innovation, looks at what media organisations need to do to protect themselves against cyber-security threats. Cyber-security is the hot topic on everyone’s minds right now – hardly surprising, given the recent high-profile hacks targeted against Sony Pictures and others – not to mention the persistent stories about government actors trying to […]

IPTV piracy and Kodi plug-ins are the big threat to pay TV

Simon Trudelle, senior director, product marketing at Nagra, explains why IPTV piracy and Kodi plug-ins are the biggest threat to the pay-TV industry The pay-TV industry has always had a fight on its hands with piracy. From smart cards and cloned cards to control word sharing and even footage filmed in the back rows of […]

Geo-piracy and the digital single market: now is the time to act

The TV industry is not reacting fast enough to the growing US$5 billion geo-piracy problem and this is particularly crucial with the imminent digital single market rolling out in the EU early next year, writes Anna Sainsbury, CEO at GeoGuard. The popularity of premium content drives consumers to seek out less expensive – or even free […]

A sporting chance

Live sport is emerging as a key online battleground as traditional media companies look to launch direct-to-consumer offerings, writes Kate Bulkley. It often seems that it’s only a matter of time before the fashions and trends of yesteryear return to our lives again and the television business is no different. The latest example is the […]

Rising the media industry up into the cloud

Kunbin Hong, director of vertical Solution (media and ISP), Huawei Western Europe Enterprise Business, looks at some of the benefits of cloud technology to enable media companies to meet the challenges they currently face.  From creating content itself to broadcasting it, the rise in digitisation has completely changed the way media organisations work, with providers […]

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