IPTV piracy and Kodi plug-ins are the big threat to pay TV

Simon Trudelle, senior director, product marketing at Nagra, explains why IPTV piracy and Kodi plug-ins are the biggest threat to the pay-TV industry The pay-TV industry has always had a fight on its hands with piracy. From smart cards and cloned cards to control word sharing and even footage filmed in the back rows of […]

Geo-piracy and the digital single market: now is the time to act

The TV industry is not reacting fast enough to the growing US$5 billion geo-piracy problem and this is particularly crucial with the imminent digital single market rolling out in the EU early next year, writes Anna Sainsbury, CEO at GeoGuard. The popularity of premium content drives consumers to seek out less expensive – or even free […]

A sporting chance

Live sport is emerging as a key online battleground as traditional media companies look to launch direct-to-consumer offerings, writes Kate Bulkley. It often seems that it’s only a matter of time before the fashions and trends of yesteryear return to our lives again and the television business is no different. The latest example is the […]

Rising the media industry up into the cloud

Kunbin Hong, director of vertical Solution (media and ISP), Huawei Western Europe Enterprise Business, looks at some of the benefits of cloud technology to enable media companies to meet the challenges they currently face.  From creating content itself to broadcasting it, the rise in digitisation has completely changed the way media organisations work, with providers […]

Transitioning towards the future of UHD

Ericsson’s CTO, broadcast and media services, Steve Plunkett, discusses 4K, High Dynamic Range and the future of Ultra High Definition TV. This is an exciting period for the TV and media industry, particularly for the development of picture standards. Consumer demand for consumption of high-quality content has continually helped to drive major enhancements in image […]

The new narrow: the end of mass TV and what comes next

Rob Hodgkinson, COO of TVPlayer, outlines six factors that are changing the nature of TV services. Content begets advertising. It has always been this way. The shape of television programming dictates the size and scope of the marketing collateral that is placed around it. TV attracts more than a third of global ad spend because […]

The Electronic Communications Code: Liberty Global’s view

Initiatives to introduce new market definitions in the EC’s Electronics Communications Code would be a step backwards, says Manuel Kohnstamm, chief corporate affairs officer, Liberty Global.  With 5G technology and new applications fast approaching, the telecoms industry is poised for another moment of transformation – a moment that will further alter the way we live, […]

Tuning into millennial audiences: how TV providers can re-engage the cordless generation

Media companies have to tune in to the appeal of short-form videos to appeal to younger audience, says Curt Marvis, CEO and co-founder QYOU Media With so much content available on the internet, it’s no surprise to the industry that in recent years millennials have turned their backs on traditional cable and satellite TV packages […]

When Good Streams Go Bad: Maintaining and Sustaining Video Quality

When it comes to video streaming, the issue of quality can be both relative and subjective which is why video service providers agree that establishing key performance indicators is critical, says Noreen Hafez Ayan, director of global product marketing at Akamai Technologies The notion of video quality means different things to different people, covering a subjective […]

Taking fan experiences to the next level with technology

Brian Morris, VP and general manager, media and entertainment services, Tata Communications, looks at how the entertainment industry can embrace virtual reality. There is a constant drive to find new ways of enhancing the viewing experience for fans across sports and entertainment. Recently, virtual reality (VR) has emerged as a technology with the potential to […]

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